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Our CEO and founder Mr. Carlton Watson began working in the manufacturing sector in 1986, after gaining the exposure in the sector his dream was to start his own business after 13 years in the industry. His passion for the industry was so strong that he took a risk and started something small for himself in his back yard with one bag of sugar and a small mixing tank, to produce his very first product the Cal’s Syrup. The product was sold in the neighborhoods, to nearby businesses and post offices, and even from the roof of his car at times.

Lisa Watson was born in 1993 to Carlton and Annette. Six years later, in 1999, Carlton had a bigger vision for his growing small business and decided to take things up a notch by registering his business and as such combined the first letter of his name, Annette, and Lisa to form what we now know as Cal’s.

Two years after producing syrup, Cal’s began selling in bulk to wholesalers and retailers and then on to larger supermarkets and wholesalers. More products, such as lime juice and vinegar, were streamlined into production over time. Real Vibes entered the market in 2007 and was proudly named the Jamaica Manufacturing Association’s breakthrough product of the year in 2009. The very refreshing Cal’s Bag Drink took the market by storm in 2008. However, a new number one product hit the shelves in 2009: Cal’s Tomato Ketchup, which took over in the blink of an eye thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign at the time.

As the company expanded, so did the demand, prompting management to add a distribution line of basic food items such as bottled water, hot pepper sauce, mackerel, corn beef, and milk powder over the last eight years. As Cal’s expands, we are considering adding more manufacturing and distribution to meet the needs of our customers in every nook and cranny of Jamaica. Cal’s manufacturing brand has distinguished itself in the market by offering low-cost, high-quality products.

With more products being produced, the company has relocated once more to increase its capacity. Cal’s Manufacturing Limited’s most successful product was brought on board at the new location and has helped put the company on the map locally. This marked the debut of Real Vibes party wine. Cal’s is solely responsible for product manufacturing and distribution.

Cal’s has created a dynamic environment through its customer base and product quality, thanks to an enthusiastic marketing, management, and operations team. With an existing product line ranging from syrups to ketchup, lime juice, vinegar, fruit wine, bag drink, flavored syrup, real vibes party wine, and our distribution line which includes corned beef; mackerel; hot pepper sauce; coconut milk powder; bottled spring water, and Cal’s butter bean and baked beans.

Cal's Bag Juice a household favorite and a pillar within the Cal's product family

Carlton had a vision and stuck to it through ups and downs, establishing a strong brand in the hearts of all Jamaicans.

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